Admins and Teachers

A must have for your coaching institute.

How it works for Admins and Teachers

1. Create class

Four easy ways to add students in your class

i. Let your students join by unique class code

Adding students in class is a cumbersome task if data is not handy. We made it simple. Every class has a unique class code, just share this code in your class and ask your students to submit their details to you by filling form here. You just have to verify the details and approve every request. Students can only access your class after you approve their request.

ii. Upload students data file

Add students yourself by uploading details in CSV file format. The least you need is list of student's name. Once uploaded, a unique student id is generated for every student. If you also provide mobile number or email of your students and guardians then an invitation will also be sent via SMS and email.

iii. Add by simple form

If adding couple of students then just add them in simple form.

iv. Copy from another class

Copy one or more students from one class to another class or yours.

2. Create test

Manage and grow your question bank

i. Inbuilt Vinnr's library

Your institute account comes with a free inbuilt question library. It covers major entrance exams in India. While you make your efforts in teaching concepts to students, we keep adding hundreds of new questions every month in your account. So you are never short of questions.

ii. Design your own test

Vinnr provides a test making tool and we call it Testorm™. Using Testorm, you can create your own MCQ tests and upload those in your institute account. Testorm allows you to add images, complex math equations, chemistry structures or physics diagrams in your questions.

iii. Build your question library

Every question, you upload using Testorm, is added in your personal secured question library. Once uploaded in your account, you can reuse same question any number of times and in any number or tests.

iv. Build your Test Bank

When you upload a test in your account using Testorm, this test is also added in your Test Bank. So that once a test is uploaded, you can reuse the same test in any number of classes.

3. Schedule tests

It works the way you want

i. Fixed Date and Time

Allow students to take test at fixed date and time. Best suits for class assessments.

ii. Flexible Schedule

Open a test for one or more days and let students take test at their convenient time. Best suitable to assign practice papers in your class.

iii. Create up to 20 Sets

A test set is created by re-arranging questions and options in random order. Vinnr lets you to create a new set of your test in just one click. Sets are then assigned to students in order of their student ids so that no two adjacent students can get same set. It helps you keep test results fair.

iv. Enable negative marking

Enable negative marking for your test when you schedule it and you decide the % of negative marking. Example (25% means +3 marks if answered correct and -1 marks if answered wrong). So you get option to schedule same test with or without negative marking every time.

v. Minimum passing marks

You decide the minimum passing marks of your test. You may also leave it zero. If minimum passing marks is zero then Pass or Fail is not shown in test result. It Helps to fine tune your assessments for various difficulty level.

4. Combined test

Create multi-subject/full-length test

Real world entrance exam papers are combination of three or more subjects. Vinnr lets you to create new combined test by adding one test of up to 4 subjects. For example, you can create a combined test of Math, Chemistry and Physics by putting one test or each subject together. Students has to attempt full length test in one go. It helps students to prepare for real entrance exams.

5. Build test result

Prepare rank and percentile

i. Auto build

Class rank and percentile of each student is prepared automatically after test is over.

ii. Manual marks update

You are given flexibility to change or fill student's marks manually on class result page once test is over. It helps in handling exceptional scenarios. Once marks are updated, you can manually rebuild ranks and percentile in class.

iii. Change test key

There is always a chance that a wrong answer was marked as correct while creating tests and this is caught after students report the error in class. It may also happen in a test that whole question is invalid and must be excluded in calculating scores. Vinnr lets you change test key or mark a question as excluded. After key is updated, you can again evaluate students score and build ranks in just one click.

6. Offline test

Pen and paper test

Take a middle way in implementing Vinnr in your institute. You can continue taking pen-paper test (offline test) and later manually enter marks against each student. For this you will have to create an offline test schedule and enter marks of each student. Once marks are updated you get power to build class results and then publish class results to guardians.

7. Publish test results

Notify to guardians

The vision behind Vinnr is to make class tests transparent to guardians so they can monitor their child's progress closely. When you publish class results, marks and rank of each student is sent to their guardians by SMS and Emails. Guardians can also create Parent Account on vinnr to see subject wise progress and insights of tests.

8. Make announcements

Broadcast yourself

When you make announcements in your class, message is delivered to students and guardians via SMS and email. You also get flexibility to make announcement in more than one class so you can send message to whole institute in just one click. It is very helpful in critical scenarios when you want to notify students and guardians urgently. For example, your class is postponed or canceled then you can simply open in your mobile and notify students on the go.

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