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You can earn up to ₹500/-Ϯ before you pay for your subscription.

Get Your All India Rank

Find your position among thousands of aspirants. Prepare for high rising rank chart.

Following graphs are built to monitor your progress.

  • All India Rank
  • Percentile
  • Percent Score
  • Max-Min-Avg at National Level

Get Your Relative Position

You will get Max, Min and Average percent score of every test to analyze your relative position.

Green line in chart shows your percent score.

Test Insights

When every second counts, it is critical to know how much time you spent in every question. Get attempt time of every question.

Test Insights

Get subject wise attempt time. Compare and analyze your strength and area of improvement.

Explore more graphs for every test when you join test series...

JEE (MAIN) 2017

Joint Entrance Exam

Take Test and Experiance Test Insights Now

NEET 2017

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test

Take Test and Experiance Test Insights Now

Vinnr for Students

Vinnr provide a never before test taking experience to students by providing them in-dept analysis of their test results. Vinnr captures various actions of students during test taking and represent captured data in graphical form as part of test results. Suggestions to improve results are also provided to students based on their behavior during test. Students can monitor their progress in every subject they learn by observing progress charts.

We take every effort to deliver high quality test papers so that students can face true challenges while they prepare for their final exam. By observing progress reports, Students can analyze their strength and areas of improvements before they appear in final exam.

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And you get

  • 12 Full Length Tests
  • Solution of Every Test
  • All India Rank
  • Test Insights
  • Performance Graphs
  • SMS Notifications

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